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Alexander Lorriane


Lorraine Alexander

      I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was mostly raised there, although we did live in Miami Beach for a few years during my childhood. I am the oldest child and only daughter. I have three younger brothers. I'm a Steelers fan! We traveled every summer as a family, camping our way across and around the United States. After graduating from Penn State University, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland for my first teaching job. Later, via a cross country road trip, I moved to Los Angeles and began teaching in LAUSD. I have a daughter named Chynna. I adopted her as a single mom from the Republic of China when she was an infant. She is majoring in Engineering at the University of Portland. 


     I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University in the Education of Exceptional Children with an emphasis on Emotional Disturbances and Learning Disabilities. I received my Master of Science degree in Behavioral Psychology and Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. I have many Specialization and areas of interest such psychology and counseling, health and fitness, animals and plants, gardening and the outdoors, anything nature-inspired, art, dance and theater, reading and writing, travel and culture, astrology, spirituality, and Neuro-Linguistic programming. 


     I am very open-minded, understanding, and flexible person. I take the time to really listen to a person and "get" what they are saying. I am fair and just-minded and will examine every side of a situation. I have made it a practice to "suspend judgment" so that I can be more authentically "be with" a person or situation just as it is. Very little offends me, but i can be strict when it comes to a classroom because i do not approve of wasting time or being disrespectful to others. I am very introspective person and i like to re-evaluate myself, my responses and my teaching frequently. I believe that everybody is learning all the time. We are all students of life and cannot help but learn. It is inherent. In addition, people learn when they learn; students learn in their own time and at their own pace and it is unrealistic to think that everybody will understand everything this is being presented when it is being presented. Not to say that we, as teachers, should not hold students to high expectations, however, much of what students see and hear is laying the groundwork for future learning. I am personally interested in each student and strive to get to know them as individuals. I make it a point to find qualities that I admire in each student, regardless of their attitude, behavior, or what i may hear others say about them. Nothing opens up my heart and inspires me more than seeing a student light up from having a personal insight or breakthrough. I like to challenge students to push themselves beyond their comfort zone by using rigorous academic vocabulary, introducing ideas that they may not be familiar with, or asking them to try something that they haven't tried before. I honor everyone's questions and responses and encourage students to seek out new experiences and to grapple with the difficult issues of our time. Some of the best teaching moments are when a students asks a question that i cannot adequately answer. I relish these opportunities because they spotlight my own enthusiasm for learning and encourage the student to model new ways to seek knowledge.