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Dario's Pictures






"City of Angels"



"Rainy Days"


"Bikes on a fence"


"Everyone Loves The Sunshine"










"Natural Disaster"




"Tie dye"


"Day & Night"


"Iron Giant"








"Random Streets"








"Differents shades"


"Tree Leaves"







This photo reminds me of something that you would see out of an old horror film. I had taken this photo in Burbank while it was raining. The flash of the camera gave the photo some type of effect that I found pretty cool. I feel as though this photo is suspenseful due to the lack of light.





I like to picture my life as a puzzle. The reason is because I'm trying to figure it out. If I make the right moves then my future will be bright. If I don't then I'll just be another statistic. I feel once I match all the the colors in my life, then I'll know true peace.





This photo was taken in October of 2016. I was spending some quality time with family. But this view of the ocean had caught my eye. I thought this photo was beautiful in many ways. I felt that this photo was peaceful.









A beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles. This was the first time that I've seen the city of Los Angeles as clearly as this. I had taken this photo in October of 2016. I was able to take a tour of the Hollywood Hills and luckily the driver knew where to take nice photos.
















My neighborhood isn't known for being the best. People would usually keep their distance from the area. It has gotten better over time, but I know that it used to be worse. This neighborhood is only my temporary home. 










Rainy days had to be the right title for this photo. The lights that reflect off of the water gives the photo a nice effect. Burbank was the location for this photo. The shadows of the palm trees give it a dark feeling.

The title of the photo is exactly what it shows you. The original photo was brighter and had more color. I decided to make it look a little aged. As if someone from the past had taken the photo.









I took this photo during summer of 2016. The sun was too much to handle this day. This photo was taken from a small view in Burbank. I thought the sun and the view was perfect for this photo.





















I like the way the colors came out on this one. The blur makes it feel as if I am moving. The rain helps with the effect of the movement. The palm trees make it look even nicer.





This was taken in August of 2017. I had gone to the library to get some work done. The library was filled with people during the time. Everyone was in their own bubble, just enjoying the silence. 
























The holidays is always a time for family. In this case my family had me working on putting the lights up. I remember almost falling off the ladder while doing so. Made some good memories this holiday season.


























I had taken this photo in November 2017. This was the same day that I almost fell off the ladder. I've noticed that the Stoney Peak always has the best sunsets. This one in particular was different in my opinion.







This is a photo of my natural disaster project. The matches were being stacked into a piece of clay to mimic a wildfire.

I was happy about the outcome of my final. I enjoyed creating something that could possibly help other in the future.

































This is a photo of our school pond. The pond is used for the school's aquaponics system. This photo was taken in August of 2017. Now the pond is a working aquaponics system, helping the school grow it's own crops and farm fish.















The background of the picture reminds of a tie dye shirt. One of my friends had brought up the idea of it. The clouds are what resemble it. I had taken this picture in the middle of the night after a party earlier in January 2018.









Originally this photo did not look like this. Somehow my phone managed to give it this weird effect right in the middle of the photo. I only titled it "Day & Night" due to one side being brighter than the other. I had taken this photo back in the beginning of 2017.




















I have this huge electrical tower right next to my home. This tower has been there for years. The tower has probably been through a lot over the years. But still manages to stay up. This thing produces so much electricity that you can hear the power traveling through the wires. This is the Iron Giant.


I enjoy taking photos that have a lot of shadows. The only time for me to get these photos is at night. This photo reminds me of some type of painting. The blue in the sky is what really pops out to me.


This is another photo of my alley, just from a different angle. The orange in the street light really brings out the warmth a little bit. I had just got off work, and I was looking for areas to take photos at. But instead, I ended up staying home. I began taking pictures of my home.

This photo was taken on random street where I had been. I was sitting in my car, taking photos out of my window. I was driving when had taken this photo. Which is why the photo might look a little bit blurry.







This is photo of my old middle school. Roy Romer was a school that I didn't enjoy very much. I titled it "Roamer" due the memories that I've had there. This photo was taken September 2017, from the top of a parking structure.






Another set of random streets. This photo was taken on the corner of Tujunga. I was parked in my car. I had just got home from work. The sky was bright this day. The stars were brighter than usual. 








I feel as though this electrical tower is a landmark. People usually know where they are once they see this. I feel as though this tower sets the "vibe" for my neighborhood. The photo was taken January 2018 near my home.





















I purposely edited the photo to give it this weird effect. Originally, the photo was too dark in my opinion. I decided to add a lot color into the photo. I was wondering in this photo while I was trying to take the picture. This photo was taken January 2018. 






I was exhausted this day. I had barely gotten off work. I parked my car and just sat in it for an hour or so. I noticed that my dash was completely dark. But the outside was bright due to the lights. I had noticed that the sky was giving off two different types of colors. Which I thought was really nice.







The blue in the sky gives the orange lights a nice balance in my opinion. I had taken this photo back in 2016. I had put max coloring while editing the photo. Which is why it looks a little bright and colorful. This is another photo of my neighborhood. This photo has different shades.










The sun was peeping through the tree leaves. I looked up and saw this, and I immediately brought out my phone to capture it. Imagine how long the tree has been in that same spot. This tree has probably seen the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The tree has also witnesses changes in our community.




















I had taken this photo during the summer of  2017. I had gone to pacific park to play basketball with some friends. The trees gave off this shadow that resembles windows. The color of the sun and the shadow of the trees give relaxes me.






















This photo was taken June 2017. My best friend invited me on a trip to Las Vegas. We had gone to this huge mall in the middle of the strip. The first thing that I noticed was this huge, pink neon sign. I loved the colors and the atmosphere of the photo. My friend and his family were celebrating. They were happy to be together as a family.









This photo is one of my personal favorites. Everything is this one photo seems to come together. I took this photo back in November of 2017. I had gone outside to take out the trash, and I see the sunset going through the trees in the background. The sky was looking extra pretty that day. So to appreciate the beauty, i had to capture the moment.