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Denise's Album


I was climbing a couple rocks to get to the top to see this view. As I made it  I noticed many birds flying away, I caught the exact moment, and it looked  oddly beautiful to me.

I was climbing a couple rocks to get to the top to see this view. As I made it  I noticed many birds flying away, I caught the exact moment, and it looked oddly beautiful to me. There I was thinking about my day, and it felt so peaceful. The way the sun gleamed in the picture made it look majestic. This was a day to remember. 

Invading PRIVACY.

The lifeguard wasn t on deck, I took the opportunity to get on it, and take a  picture! I felt risky, but I really liked the view these lifeguards to get.

As I was roaming around the beach, I noticed the lifeguard wasn't on duty. Although they say not to go on deck, I did so. Not going by the rules I felt risky, and my friend caught a picture. Everything in the picture looked very nice, and the lighting was doing me good. The view these lifeguards get is amazing, especially when the sun is setting. 

Blue Dream

The colors in this picture caught my attention, kind of like a blue dream. The  weather felt just how it looked.

The colors in this picture caught my attention, kind of like a blue dream. The weather felt just how it looked, very cold. The edit on this image made it look even more aesthetic. Kind of put me at ease, reminding me of colors you'd see in an old movie. The sound of the soft waves made it more peaceful for me, especially since it was an empty day at the beach as well. 



As you can see, the beach is my favorite place to be. This day I wasn't feeling myself but knew a trip to the beach was just what I needed. I was listening to Lana Del Rey, an artist with such a beautiful voice, and her song is what inspired me to give this image a vintage hint to it. 



My birthday week was by far going the absolute worst for me, I had no hopes on spending a great day on my 18th birthday. My cousin knew how I felt, and surprised me with tickets to one of my favorite rappers. It was a day to remember, and she caught me completely off guard. Thanks to her and my family for making my birthday a really fun experience. 


I had gone through the worst to reach this high point. but this seagull kept me  company, probably one of the nicest seagulls iv

I had gone through the worst to reach this high point, but this seagull kept me company throughout my little trip. This was probably one of the nicest calmest seagulls i've came across. Since seagulls tend to fly away immediately from human beings. 



I went out to Texas, and what I witnessed was devastating. This island used to be full of life, blue water, and people. Yes the people were there, but the  ocean was completely dead. The ocean water was BROWN. Waste was everywhere, and  you could see dead dried up fishes up the shore. It broke my heart to see what once was end up so bad. I got this picture of the palm tree, but this image brings me back to this day.

facing my fears


When I was out in Texas we went to pier by the beach. This ride caught my attention but never would I really go on it. My little brother wanted to get on, begging me to join him. I was terrified, but for my little brother of  course I'd do so. We went on, and let me tell you.. I was terrified, but I faced my fear and was happy my brother was there with me!



It was late at night, on my way back to my aunts place.I was extremely tired just waiting for this light to change which felt almost forever. Through the windshield the light gleamed very bright, and I was able to catch this on camera. Looked pretty cool to me. 


In the airport I noticed there were many patterns everywhere. I was exhausted,  and as I looked up I saw this pattern of lines. I really liked what I saw so I  snapped a picture.

In the airport as I was wondering around bored,I noticed many patterns everywhere. As I looked up I saw this pattern of lines. I really liked what I saw so I snapped a picture.



I have never been a fan of airplanes due to so many movies i've seen about airplanes crashing. When ever a flight of mine takes off I grasp for life. This flight especially, because we had turbulence during take off! 



On a flight that felt like forever, there I was just sitting, and waiting. Time went by extremely slow, but looking out the window made every minute worth it, not everyone is lucky enough to go on a vacation, let alone be in a plane.  



I was in my most comfy clothing. Sweats, cardigan, T shirt, and some Nike socks did the job. What I surely did not enjoy was how tight the space was, but what more can I ask for? It's a flight carrying many people, not just me. 



Leaving the airport I was messing around with some edits on my phone. I had caught this picture of the escalators, and this edit gave the image a cool twist. Kind of felt as if I was in a subway. 



I really liked the idea of making something simple come to life. These flight of stairs have there own meaning to them, I was trying to capture as many images as I could at the airport, and this filter brought these steps to life giving them their own funk. 

Finally home


Never have I been more happy to arrive back home, I was back in LA. It's true when people do say, "There's no place like home." Being able to see signs that were familiar to me gave me comfort! 



On a day out in Hollywood, my cousin and I ran into an old friend. We decided to have lunch, and came to this really nice spot in Hollywood. The vibes the restaurant gave I loved. This was a really fun day out with friends. 



In LA, this was a very cold, gloomy day. Don't forget it was windy too! A day we thought would've been nice and sunny turned out to be the coldest. Not much of a story to this picture, but it reminded me how much of a mess this day really was. 

The sun

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

THE SUN, IT FINALLY CAME OUT! After a week of nothing but cold and rain, the sun finally peaked through. How it gleamed through the trees looked very beautiful to me, and I was nothing but happy the sun did come out. 

pink & purple

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

My aunt was having a house warming party. I was getting kind of bored so I chose to walk around the neighborhood. I noticed how beautiful the sunset looked and caught a picture. Look at how beautiful the pink and purple look together.. I absolutely love sunsets. 



Every dog has a story behind it, this is Dmitry. As a puppy, he gave off signs of abandonment and very poor history. He was very timid, but throughout time he got comfortable with me. We formed a special bond, and he learned to trust me. Sadly I was not able to give this puppy a new home, but every so often I go to his kettle and visit him. He loves and I love his. 



Esperanza, her energy is written all over her name. Such a joyful, energetic, loving girl. She loves to play, interact with other people, and loves attention. I don't know which owner will ever give up this dog, but if she were to be mine.. I would never. 



Max, the cutest German Shepard i've came across. This boy is very playful and loves one on one interaction. Every single one of these animals has a story to them, and at the end of the day I think to myself, "why would anybody leave these babies?", but we never could know why. I love animals and in the future I would never abandon my own. 

Cesar chavez


On a Saturday I had gone on a field trip with my classmates & teacher to Family Fest. I absolutely loved the event, and everything was so well put together. It was all about empowerment, and Lincoln High school is the only high school to have the Dream Act!! This mural meant a lot to me, and it looked so beautiful! There is always hope, and united we could make a change!

family fest


At the Family Fest, they had many activities, and items to show off. All the tables had something different. This one had ferns, and I just loved the way they looked. 

lonely tree


I was listening to Phantogram and as I was looking out the window the vibes I was getting gave me nostalgia. I was so at peace, in the middle of no where, just waiting to get to where I was going to go. 

date night gone bad


On a date out in town, I had met with "her" to have what I thought would be the time of my life. At first it started of well, but later on started to go downhill. She wasn't the person I expected her to be, and I realized that not too long after the date started. We had gone out to an event, just to see her eyes on someone other than me. She was the type of person I wouldn't see myself being with, and that is when the date ended. Later on I went home, rinsed off, ate ice cream, and watched a romantic comedy, then called it a night. 



Sometimes my mood are these flowers. Colorful, joyful, shiny, and just vibrant. Sometimes I wake up in a great mood, knowing I am going to have nothing but a great day, and sometimes I even wish I could feel this way everyday. 



Everyday I have my plant and soil class outdoors. I always find myself in this same spot, standing the exact way. Took me a while to really notice it, but one day I did and I caught a picture of it. I made a good choice by wearing my favorite white pumas as well, which gave this image a fresh hint. 



Oh onion, you make me cry like no one else can. We have our class outside, where we grow many crops! I'm amazed to see how much we could grow in this school, and see how fast the process is going. This onion was growing, and I liked how the top looked.