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Hoping that this time i will get it right. For all those times i ve fail. i ll  try to be alright Feeling like i only need to accomplish one thing, and that is  to be alive. Enjoying every moment life throws at me whether is good or bad.  these moments won t last forever, but they ll help me feel alive. Let s make it  out together and be happy that we survived


Hoping that this time i will get it right.  
For all those times i've fail.  i'll try to be alright
Feeling like i only need to accomplish one thing,
and that is to be alive.  
Enjoying every moment life throws at me
whether is good or bad.
these moments won't last forever,
but they'll help me feel alive.
Let's make it out together

and be happy that we survived




Enjoying beautiful moments with people that feed my soul.
So kind and loving and never treating me wrong.
Thankful to have such people to show me how to be strong.  
Although sometimes i may fall apart, i will never
give up the fight.  
i will rise and do it proudly.  
With my people right beside me.



Feelings of regret.
Momentary steps.
People ask what's wrong, i tell
them i'm just doing me.
Working on my own, it seems that's what it came to be.
Feeling all alone.
This stress has been consuming me.
It's only just my life.
That I'm kissing goodbye.
It's going to be alright.
We'll all sure just get by.



We say we never care.
We never get involved.
Making people hurt even if we were once in love.
This is nothing new to me.
It's just a day in the life.
My heart is now pumping something bitter.
And I'm slowly losing sight...



       It Is said
 Do what you love.
       Some say
  Love what you do.
     It seems to me
The highest calling,
        Is to do
what the world needs most
      - s.b. Terra



Once upon a time
You were a little kid with big dreams.
But life happened...
Nothing is really guaranteed.
Just A lifetime to live a life.
In a world of opportunities that never dies
Don't just be here to exist.
Enjoy every minute you have
Even if its your last to breath.



For my brother up above,
I'll never forget your soul.
It seems that we didn't know,
that what we did was wrong.
Even in those hard times.  
You never left me alone.
You put up a fight for me
So i can become strong.
Now that you are gone,
I'll have to do this alone
For you i'll fight this life.
This life that we once chose.



Wondering, what am I supposed to do.
I've been looking for myself but
I still don't have a clue.
Are my thoughts my worst enemy?
Am I a hostage to my own mind?
Will I ever get to know the truth?
I've been searching for the answers,
But maybe they don't exist.
I'll  just close my eyes and
hope that I forgot to die
Maybe then it'll slip
My Mind.


1999 - ____

What a life its been...
All those little moments
I will forever cherish.  
All those who will never be
Such beauty and joy should
never be overlooked.
For it may come once in a lifetime
But that life time will be good.



My problem is that I've always felt very deeply.
Even for those who never cared.  
The ones that made me feel i wasn't good enough.
For them I pay my respects.
Isolated from the world I noticed,
That they were very unaware.
This game they call life,
Won't ever be a win.
Unless they open up their eyes and see through it
They will forever be dead.
Trapped inside a decaying body
Wanting to feel okay.  



How did I make it to the point where
I cant even function?
I can't even see...
I can't even speak,
So I wont reply....
Even a better world can't fill my void...
Left alone,
Even at home I feel like I don't belong.
Empty from the start.
Maybe it'll be alright…

In another lifetime I will manage get it right.




  A broken mask.
    A broken life.
  A shattered soul
That's filled with gold.
 Will give you life
  and maybe hope.
  To put up a fight
  and never give up.
 The world is yours
  All yours to take
  make no mistake
      go out and






  She's so good to me,
Yet she's so bad for me.
 When I look inside her
  Do I let her know?

Is there a way to end a story
 without having to say
    Will life go on?
Will we be alright by then?



    We act like strangers
But we were more than friends.
 Connected for far to long,
       did you forget...?
What did it mean to have that
     Just to say goodbye.
 Sometimes i wonder why,
      and can you blame me?
 This life ain't been the same



I isolate myself from eyes i find contagious.
      I keep running and it's no help.
         Cant get away, It's all Hell.
   Thinking I'm going to lose control
Self destruction my addiction, will i leave it all?



   She has seen all my addictions,
         But she's looking past it.
   Not afraid of what i seem to be...
           she says she likes it.
       I can finally stop  fighting
          My venomous sadness
             Thought i lost it all,
             but then i found her



       I have tried everything...
  But this thirst for self destruction
Only seems to keep getting stronger.
    So why run away and hide it?
        Aren't we all the same?
         am I different inside?
     Fighting for a Halo but my
     Demons don't give up the
   They will never leave my side
      Within my soul they Hide.
       As another day goes by
           I'll pray that it'll  

                  alright .



Who the hell cares?
They won't notice if i never show my face.
They only worry when they need me there.
Never checking up to see if i'm still awake.
Nothing i can do can change the way it is.
I'm used to being cut short,
That's the way my life is
And i'm tired of asking
"Why god, are they like this?"



When you're young,
Thunderstorms seem scary.
Like the sky is angry at you.
But now that i'm older,
Something about its roar soothes
me; it's comforting to know that even
Nature needs to scream sometimes.
           - T. M. J.



Consider for a moment, that what you call your “personality” is actually just a composite of habits and behavioral patterns you developed to cope with trauma. Now ask yourself, who am i outside my pain? Who would I be if I stopped living life as a product of my story?

                        -Awaken Spiritual.



Let’s do what feels right to us.

Not what we were told to do.

Those are people's insecurities

That may not reflect to you.

Things they can't accomplish,

May be the reasons why you are you.




They were impatient for their branches,

When they should've been planting roots. Never felt content with their beauty,

Not even when they bloomed.

They torment themselves wondering,

Why their days were so gloom.

Still growing under pressure.

After all they've been through.




Trying to find peace of mind,

While still preserving my soul.

Trying to make it out alive,

While still enjoying the wrongs.

Dancing with the demons at night,

I found the key to my soul.

Maybe right now I'm not alright,

But the path will soon be shown.




A lot has changed,

Hope that you’ll agree.

The person i was then,

Will never ever be.

I’ll miss him with my life

but it was time to be,

Apart from that kind

of monstrosity.




I’ll always remember,

I’ll never forget.

The pain that i went through,

Just to have a good day.

And though at times it was unbearable,

I never did break.

I put up a fight,

Just to see the next day.




We pretended to be perfect,

Even though we were not.

What we didn't seem to notice

Is that soon we forgot.

Who we really are,

underneath this disguise.

Just to be accepted

By someone,

Who has yet to see themselves shine.




I refuse to live with the regret of

gambling for tomorrow.

I will not lay on my deathbed wondering

What might have been.

I will ride the waves of purpose and chance

Towards the wonderful splendor of my dreams.

At the end of my day,

I will rest my head on the pillow of

a day well-lived and a

life well-ventured

               -Steve Maraboli




Happiness is something I don't know

much about.

To me, it is a place i’ve only

heard about.

The land that doesn't exist...

A land filled with joy, pleasure,

And satisfaction.

Something that I’ll never reach…



In the quest to be a man,

You’ll realise that you need your family.

And maybe if not for them,

You would be closer to insanity.

They’ve always had your back,

Way before you had your own.

They’ll be with you forever,

no matter what’s the weather.

They’ll always help you remember,

that the storm doesn't last forever.




One of the saddest truths might be
That love is only temporary.
Even if you don't agree.
It can be the best feeling you know.
Until it starts to leave.
The pain can now seem endless.
Until you start to see.
That all was just a lesson to prepare you
For what you are really here to be.