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Dr. Nahabedian


About Me

I am Dr. Nahabedian..students address me as "Doc". I am a clinical psychologist but I am the school counselor here at Earhart HS. I was born in Beirt, Lebanon. My specializations are in the areas of Neuco-Science and Physcology. I enjoy working in Academic settings. Love working with others schools and high-risk students. I apply the whole role of counseling approach in my practice. I believe that we are all a work in progress, and we can all bear fit from the audience and support of caring individuals. I always support and give my best advice to students that have a purpose for coming to our  Amelia Earhart Family. Doesn't matter the reason why you come into our school we are here for you to support your actions in school wise form. I always tell my students this quote, "Right now, everything may seem overwhelming and impossible but take a deep breath and know that you will get through this."